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 to the Bahama Islands

The Bahamas

The 700 islands of the Bahamas are off of the east coast of Florida, USA, spanning a vast area that is technically in the North Atlantic Ocean, not the Caribbean.  However, most travel brochures classify it a Caribbean destination, very likely because it shares the same wonderful weather characteristics as the 'real' Caribbean islands. 

Fewer than 25 of the islands are actually inhabited and of the total Bahamian population of  +-300,000 people, about 200,000 reside on New Providence Island (capital Nassau) and 50,000 on Grand Bahama.   Paradise Island, site of the Atlantis resorts and casinos is just a short ride by water taxi/car from Nassau.

Those statistics give you an idea of where the 'action' is.  More than four million visitors go to the Bahamas each year, so you can assume the majority of those visitors will end up in one of the above locations.  That is your first hint.  Nassau/ Paradise Island are busy, Freeport/Grand Bahama less so, and so on. 

Let's delve a little further and find out more about the Islands of the Bahamas.

Here's a link to Geographia with an overview of the Islands and detailed links for each of the individual islands, how to get there, places to stay, things to do, weather and so on. 

Here's the official Bahama Government website.  And a "must" book, the Bahamas Handbook, if you ever plan on doing business there.

If you are on a Bahama cruise, chances are your destination is Nassau on New Providence Island, Freeport on Grand Bahama Island or one of the cruise ship-owned islands.  Click on any of the links to get there.

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