Journeys to the Caribbean with images and useful links

 to the Bahama Islands

Photography resources

Looking for images or hints on stock photo providers or resources?

For film makers and photographers
The Bahamas Film Commission

Stock photography providers (excluding the big ones Like Getty, Corbis, Alamy and so on):

Graham Waiting (that's me)
Tim O'Keefe
and Shane Pinder

If you are looking for underwater photography, Melinda at Grand Bahama Scuba, where I learned to dive, has a super portfolio but you will have to contact her directly for details.

A word of caution about some of the big stock agencies about keywords. Many of their images say they are of the Bahamas, but they are not. I know that because I have looked at most of the portfolios in the big agencies, both out of interest and envy. A large proportion of their images are mis-keyworded, presumably because they have elves doing the keywording who don't know the difference between Turks and Caicos, Belize or the Bahamas. Buyer beware! Last thing you want to do is tout images of the Bahamas, when they are not. Someone, like me, will notice! (I don't have that problem because I concentrate on the Bahamas).

And why re-invent the wheel when someone has already done that?, in my experience, is a good place for supplies and prices.

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