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 to the Bahama Islands

Nassau / Atlantis
Nassau on New Providence Island is a busy little place.  And a short hop across the water is Paradise Island, host to Atlantis and other resorts, built around tourism. Bring your wallet, $$$$.

New Providence/ Paradise Island have a population of approximately 200,000 people, by far the largest in the Bahamas even though the island itself is only about 21 miles (35km) long by 7 miles (12km) at its widest.  Add to that tens of thousands of travelers in high season and... well you get my point.  The laws of supply and demand make for an island where goods and services are available to meet most needs, at a price.

Right in the center of Nassau is the cruise line port which can hold up to 8 cruise ships at any one time. Here you can stroll through the straw markets, walk the downtown area, eat, shop etc. and visit some of the local forts dating back to the 1700's under British rule.  Arawak Cay is where much of the  'action' happens including fish fries.

From the port area, water taxi's can ferry you to and fro' Paradise Island where the Atlantis Resort and Casino is located or you can go by road taxi over the bridge which connects the islands.  The water taxis stop running in the early evening, so make sure you ask about schedules.  They normally run about every 30 minutes during the day and the trip takes under 20 minutes.  If you are lucky, your water taxi will have a pro-bona (i.e. tip me) guide to point out the estates of some famous personalities, like Mick Jagger and Llyods (of London) as you approach Paradise Island.
Depending on traffic, and there can be plenty, the airport is about a 30-40 minute ride from the town center, even though distance-wise, it is only a few miles.  The Cable Beach/ Bahamar area is roughly half way between the two.  Public buses  (number 10) make regular trips to and from Nassau center and Bahamar  during the day and the resorts sponsor taxis until about midnight.

For activities or things to do, you can also check out my links page on the left if you haven't found information in the links above.  Finally, if you have the time and your schedule permits, consider using Nassau as a base to visit some of the Family Islands to experience the true Bahamian lifestyle.  Check out for some of the excursions that will take you to the out-islands from Nassau.                      

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