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 to the Bahama Islands

Grand Bahama Island

Grand Bahama  used to be one of my favorite islands. I have been to all of the British Virgin Islands, all of the US Virgin Islands, Aruba, Belize, Cozumel (the name brands) and many of the other islands in the Caribbean.   (I love them all, each for different reasons, which tells you something about me). 

But be warned! Hurricanes and economic woes over the past years have taken their toll on Grand Bahama. The casinos have closed as have the major resort hotels. Check some of your favorite bulletin boards or blog sites to see if there are any folks out there with the most current updates. I tend to  use Tripadvisor and/or Yahoo travel for traveller updates because they both have a good base of active contributors.

Most likely you will either start or end up in the Port Lucaya area.  It used to host a number of upscale hPort Lucaya restaurantsotels, the casino, stores, strawmarket convention center, restaurants, excursions and the Count Basie Square. Sadly most have gone out of business. The UNEXSO dolphin and diving facilty operates from here although they will ferry you to the actual location (near Taino beach).  Avoid the International Bazaar area in 'downtown".

Taino beach/ Smith's point are about a ten minute taxi ride from Port Lucaya and if you are
Tiano beach, early morningshort on time and enjoy beaches, a good choice.  There is a  fish fry at nearby Smith's Point Settlement on Wednesday's.   Garden of the Groves and Banana Beach are still further east where you can get a decent lunch for a reasonable price.

Lucayan National ParkEven further to the east, the famed beaches in the Lucayan National Park  are spectacular.     

But only go at low tide, else you may be disappointed. 

There are no facilities at the Park, so bring your own liquids, food, bug spray, suntan lotion, everything!  The beach is about 25 miles east of Freeport, so you need a car or a tour excursion. I've seen people try to get there on mopeds, most of them miserable. And when you get there, be prepared to walk a little, because you need to traverse through the park wetlands (along well constructed pathways) to get to the beach.  If you can do all of that, love remote spots, love lying on the beach and have the time, it is a must.  Plus you can visit Ben's Cave and see the flora and fauna while you are there and there are various kayak tours available through the mangroves swamps which you can book in Freeport. 

My favorite beaches are even further east, but you definitely need your own transportation to get there, and be prepared for isolation.
  Here's a map of Grand Bahama

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