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Graham Waiting - About me
My name is Graham Waiting and I designed and authored this site.  I live near Boston, USA and do freelance photography and articles.  I was born in South Africa and emigrated to the States in 1981 with my wife and we have two grown boys. But only one grandson!  For more than 30 years  I have been a practicing accountant with various senior roles in finance in public accounting and banking.  In 2005 I decided to take my photography hobby to the next level.  I went back to school, at the Boston University Center for Digital Arts, and graduated with a certificate in digital photography and a host of skills in digital media.

I have been 'taking' pictures all of my life going back to childhood and Brownie cameras.  I even had my own darkroom (what's that!).  When I went back to school, I realized that two billion or more people now had cameras and I needed a niche.  For the past 15 years our family has regularly traveled to the Caribbean Islands and the Bahamas on vacation and my right brain eventually connected with my left brain, resulting in Bahama Stock Photography.  I now spend up to three months a year in the Bahamas "composing" pictures and writing.

This website is a by product of those efforts.  I realized that the enormous amount of time that I spend researching locations, travel arrangements, lodging, restaurants and everything associated with my trips is something that most ardent travelers try to do.  And so for the past five years I have slowly and methodically collected and screened the information that I found most useful.  I am pleased to share it with you and hope you also find it useful.  Most of all,  I hope that you have the chance to share some time with the wonderful Bahamian people.  It REALLY is better in the Bahamas.


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