Journeys to the Caribbean with images and useful  links

 to the Bahama Islands


Bahama Stock Photography is my portal to gain exposure for my photography and to market my stock images of the Bahamas. That's the PR done with!  Here are some pics at my website below!

                Graham Waiting Photography

My journal focuses on the Bahamas, my favorite place to visit and photograph and has links to useful websites that I have accumulated over the years in planning my trips.  I have hints and suggestions (and photos) based on my travels there.  I try to be unbiased in my commentary and link suggestions and do not endorse any of them specifically, but I hope you find them useful.  

If you have never been to the Caribbean, and want to learn more about the geography and all of the Islands,   follow the navigation buttons on the left.  Otherwise, let's just go to the Bahamas.  As they say, it's better in the Bahamas! Have fun.

Enjoy the journey! Graham
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